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Yeah, I'm not obsessed with Phoenix Wright or anything.
*5 Psyche-Locks appears*

Hello there random viewer!

I'm not an artist whatsoever, but I like making silly drawings, specially bad jokes or references. Nevertheless, I'm REALLY lazy when it comes to drawing.
Also, I have no idea how Deviant works! Only that llamas are good (I guess?).

You will be seeing a lot of ponies and their humans counterparts here. But I'll also upload random things of games or series I like. And maybe some random comics about life and stuff.

Thanks for passing by!
Because I have nobody to talk about it.

I know it's kinda old news (well, depending on if you consider 'three days old' as 'old news' or not) but the Season Finale plot has been revealed. I'll leave it ahead, in case you want to read it. Beware of spoilers:

"To Where and Back Again:

Airdate: October 22, 2016

Part 1: 
Without the help of Twilight Sparkle and the Mane Six, Starlight Glimmer assembles an unlikely team of heroes to defend Equestria from the return of one of its greatest threats.

Part 2: 
Starlight Glimmer leads an unlikely squad of rescuers against one of the ponies' oldest and greatest foes in order to save her friends and Equestria."

So what do you guys think? I'm actually pretty hyped about it, specially since I'm sure Trixie will be part of Starlight's squad. Also, the return of one of its greatest threats? Hmmm, Chrysalis, Sombra, Tirek? I really doubt it will be Nightmare Moon or Discord, that would be really silly since that would crush all the character development of those...characters. 

Yet at the same time, I feel kinda sad we probably won't be seeing the Mane Six. Aside from Twilight, who normally has a much more relevant role than the others, the rest of our protagonist hasn't been really...helpfull, lately. They did nothing during the Season Five finale (which, in my own opinion, is the worst finale) and they were just there during the Season Six opening episodes. I kinda miss the good ol' Rainbow Cannon and the Super Saiyan Rainbow Transformation u_u

So that's my opinion, what about yours? Feel free to share your thoughts :D

I returned home today to find out that one of my comics, 'All roads lead to Friendship (and screentime)', was featured in Equestria Daily!

I honestly can't explain my reaction, so here is a *representation*:

My comic was featured in ED! by Epsilon-Chedi

Its so funny expressing yourself using PW sprites xD

BUT I DIGRESS! This is so crazy. I really don't know if it's a big deal. Comics are featured there everyday. But hey, it IS Equestria Daily! I never thought that one of my creations would appear there! I'm really excited and happy! And I'm...proud? Wow, such a weird sensation. I don't know guys, but I've seen so much awesome art in ED, and suddenly one of my creations is there!

Thanks to the guy/gal who decided to share it there! And to everyone who spent time of their lives to have a look through my gallery! 

Check the link, there are many awesome comics there, too!…

P.S. The image is supposed to be an animation. I really don't know if its working, though :P
Yeo, dudes, my first journal! I don't know why but I kinda enjoy writing random and pointless things. Sit, write pointless things, post, badda bing badda boom. You are all warned.

So, it's officially December 31 here in Argentina (or at least in Bs. As.). The reason I'm writing this so early it's because I'm leaving on holidays in a few hours (yay, luckily for me, my aunt decided to invite my family to the beach), and I have this weird policy of "No computer or internet during holidays", so it's now or never (well, not "never", more like in two weeks).

Of course this journal is to wish all of you a happy new year and all that. But it's also because 2015 is ending and I wanted to remark something. This may not be my first entire year in DA (I joined in September, I think), but well, my first year in DA is ending, and there are six persons who decided to click on that "watch" botton (Yeah, Sen, you are part of the group, dude. Thx.). I really don't know if you guys will read this or not, but well, thanks for watching one of my weird drawings and saying "Hey, I'll watch this guy". Six may not be an amazing number, but I'm happy with it. Thanks guys!

And that's all, I guess. Have a good night, drink and eat all you want, and celebrate a lot. 

P.S. I don't really know what the expression "Badda bing, badda boom" actually means, but I like how it sounds.

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